Switches & Receptacles

How to Replace a Faulty GFCI Receptacle

This article examines the possible causes of a faulty GFCI receptacle, how to use a tester to determine if the GFCI receptacle is faulty, and how to replace the receptacle.

How to Replace a Mismatched Dryer Cord and Receptacle

What do you do when your new dryer cord does not match the existing receptacle in your home? Current electrical code regulations require that an outlet for an electric dryer must be of the NEMA 14-30R configuration, which is two hot wires, a neutral (grounded), and a ground (grounding or equipment ground) conductor.

GFCI Receptacle

Replace a Razor Only Outlet With GFCI Receptacles

You will often find razor only outlets in the bathrooms of older homes. These do not provide the GFCI protection that is required by code and will not support newer bathroom appliances. In this article I will replace a razor only outlet with the code compliant GFCI receptacle.

How to Install an In-Use Weatherproof Receptacle Cover

Recent changes to the electrical code has required that any receptacles installed in wet locations must be protected with an in-use weatherproof receptacle cover and enclosure. The video covers the replacement of an older style weatherproof receptacle cover with the new in-use weatherproof receptacle cover.

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