How to Wire LED Patio Lights

How to Add Outdoor Patio Lighting Using LED Tape Lights

In this article and supplementary video, I demonstrate how to add outdoor patio lighting using LED tape lights.   In the example of this specific project, adding LED tape lights to the patio provided very effective task lighting for the BBQ grill, and, with the addition of a dimmer switch, some ambiance setting mood lighting.

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How to Install LED Under Cabinet Lighting

This video covers the installation of an LED tape light system of under cabinet lighting using LED strip lights and an electronic dimmable driver From Magnititude Lighting Converters.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Troubleshooting

What is Christmas without Christmas lights? If you take a drive around most neighborhoods this time of year you will see light displays that range from the minimal to the mind blowing. However, after putting in all of the effort for just the perfect display, some of you may have experienced the frustration of discovering a string of lights that suddenly quits working. In this article, I discuss some of the reasons for this to occur, and how you troubleshoot the problem.

Replacing a Pool Light From the Pool Deck

Replacing your lamp in your pool light fixture is something that can easily be done by the average home / pool owner as long as you have a skill set that includes the use of hand tools (screwdriver), and that you take all the necessary safety precautions prior to tackling the project (like ensuring that the power is off).

Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

Brighten a dark kitchen with under cabinet lighting. Complete instructions including a detailed article, pictures, wiring diagrams and helpful video will simplify this DIY wiring project.

Outdoor Lamp Post Installation Questions

Answers to a question regarding the installation of an outdoor lamp post; more specifically, whether it would be necessary to install and wire an electrical box along with the lamp post.

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