Panels & Breakers

Single-Pole and Double-Pole Breakers

How to Reset a Tripped Breaker

A tripped breaker – is there anything more frustrating? Knowing what causes a tripped breaker and how to reset it is an invaluable skill – especially if you find yourself plunged into darkness as a result!

Understand Your Home’s Electrical System – Main Panel

In this, the first of the series, I’m going to explain the nerve center of your electrical system, the main service entrance and panel. This is where the electricity from the utility supply enters your house, and is then distributed to the individual circuits throughout the home.

Safe Installation of a Generator for Emergency Backup Power

Don’t chance a power outage in your home from storms or inclement weather! The financial and emotional toll of these power outages only amplify the already traumatic conditions that these natural disasters inflict on us and our families. Having an alternate source of electricity to supply our homes during power outages is a relatively inexpensive way to offer some peace of mind.

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