Safety & Fundamentals

Christmas Lights

12 Days of Christmas Electrical Safety Tips

Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful holiday light display. However, with all the sparkling lights, lighted inflatables, and other temporary electrical installations that are part of the decorations, comes the inherent risk of taxing our home’s electrical system to power all of these displays.

Thanksgiving – The Most Dangerous Day of the Year

Ddid you know that Thanksgiving is actually one of the most dangerous days of the year? It may surprise you to learn that, according to the American Fire Protection Association (AFPA), Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires!

Meter Reading 200+ Volts

Stray and Induced Voltage

A discussion on encounters with stray and induced voltage including the electrical theory behind it and potential health and safety concerns.

Canadian Electrical Code Online

Ever wondered about electrical code and how it affects the DIYer? The Canadian Electrical Code online, or in print form, is the code and standard that all electrical installations must conform to throughout the country of Canada.

Electrical Online

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