How to Wire LED Patio Lights

How to Add Outdoor Patio Lighting Using LED Tape Lights

In this article and supplementary video, I demonstrate how to add outdoor patio lighting using LED tape lights.   In the example of this specific project, adding LED tape lights to the patio provided very effective task lighting for the BBQ grill, and, with the addition of a dimmer switch, some ambiance setting mood lighting.

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Lighting Terminology

This article presents a glossary of common lighting terminology and their meaning. Don’t be confused by the terms lumen or candlepower after reviewing some of the more common lighting terminology!

Metal-Halide Lighting

Learn the science behind the metal-halide light bulb and applications where you may select it as a lighting choice. This article reviews the metal-halide light bulb and its benefits.

Mercury Vapor Lighting

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Incandescent Lighting

Learn the science behind the common incandescent light bulb. This article explains how incandescent bulbs work, and whether you should choose them as a light source for your home.

LED Lighting

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

Learn the science behind LED lighting. This article examines LED lighting and explains why LED offers some important advantages in lighting, resulting in LED lighting being used in more and more applications.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting 101

Learn why compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs are a great lighting choice for your home. This article explains the science behind compact fluorescent bulbs and their many applications.

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