How to Wire LED Patio Lights

How to Add Outdoor Patio Lighting Using LED Tape Lights

In this article and supplementary video, I demonstrate how to add outdoor patio lighting using LED tape lights.   In the example of this specific project, adding LED tape lights to the patio provided very effective task lighting for the BBQ grill, and, with the addition of a dimmer switch, some ambiance setting mood lighting.

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Light Fixture Wiring Problems

Light Fixture Wiring Problems

You replaced a light fixture and now it doesn’t work – you’ve got a light fixture wiring problem! Here’s how to solve it.

How To Replace a Plastic Pull Chain Light Fixture

Learn the steps to replacing a simple plastic pull chain light fixture or lamp holder. In this informative video, the Internet Electrician demonstrates the removal of a faulty pull chain lamp holder, and replaces it with a new light fixture.

Wiring Lights in Series

Wiring lights in series typically refers to wiring a series of lights in a parallel circuit. This article reviews the process of doing so and demonstrates common applications.

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