Safety & Fundamentals

Video: Can 120 Volts Hurt You?

Can 120 volts hurt you? You better believe it! In this powerful video demonstration, the Internet Electrician shows the effects of 120 volts on a hot dog weiner, and draws a parallel between the damage done to it and the potential harm to a DIYer not following home electrical safety practices.

Video: How to Test a Circuit to Make Sure the Power is OFF

With any home electrical wiring project, before you begin working on a circuit you MUST make sure the power is OFF to that circuit. This instructional video reviews methods of testing a circuit using either a variety of testers, including a digital multi meter, voltage tester, plug tester or even a radio to confirm that the power is off.

Video: Christmas Home Electrical Safety Tips

Christmas home electrical safety practices are especially important during the holiday season. Using a ladder, getting up on your roof, and adding additional loads from Christmas lights to existing household circuits are potentially dangerous activities if safety guidelines are not followed. This short video presents best Christmas safety tips and practices that should be followed to make sure you enjoy a safe and happy holiday!

Grounding Electricity Explained

Grounding adds protection against electrical shock by ensuring that YOU or any other individual does not become a path through which electricity moves. This article reviews the reason for grounding electricity and why it is such an important safety and home electrical code compliance issue.

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