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Adding a Hot Receptacle to a 3-Way Switch

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  • Ron

    how do i wire lights to be switched when power is going to lights first

    • Bob Pfister

      run a wire from switch to light, connect both white wires at light box, connect black wire to light.(light will have 2black wire connected to it

  • Ron

    i want to switch lights, but feed is going to lights first

    • yuuuppp

      turn off breaker to cct, rough in a 2/c from the switch to the light with the power supply, connect light neutral to cct neutral, light power to black going to the new switch ,and then the white wire coming fromthe switch ties in to the cct power (mark white wire with black tape)

  • Dana

    could you put a hot receptacle on the power source “in” line? Run the power to the lights and switches through the hot receptacle?

  • Dpsaz222

    Is it possible to add a light to an existing 3 way switched circuit by only connecting wires to one of the switches.

  • James Kim

    Can you use one junction box to connect different circuits all with different size Romex

  • mike

    how do you change a 3 way switch to a convential swith and use the wire to power a new set of lights? thanks||

  • newintraining

    power source to receptacle, top of receptacle stays hot, single pole switch works light, got 3way switch, 4way in middle, then another 3way all above receptacle need diagram ASAP THANK YOU


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