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3 Way Switch Wiring Diagram: More Than One Light

This diagram shows connections when the power comes into the first switch, on to the second switch and then on to two or more lights switched by the 3-way circuit.

Note that this configuration is easiest to do when utilizing the first method of 3-way circuits discussed previously in our ‘Wiring a Basic 3-Way Switch’ article or diagram. 

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  • Gary

    Can you please show me a wiring diagram for a three way switch with the power coming to the first switch and then three lights and
    a three way switch at the end.

    thank you!!

  • Careymark7mark

    Why do you keep showing 2 switches there is only one switch and 4 lights. It is very confusing to the person trying to do this. STOP IT!!!!!

  • Jbd21753

    I’ve used your site a number of times in the last couple years and it helped me greatly. TY

  • myron

    your diagram is right on the money, with out it ,I would not have been able to get it right

    thanks a lot

  • Rbudney

     I have 2, 3 way switches side by side,power coming in white & black going to switch on left white on top black on right, other switch has white , red, black, from another switch in room. question is first switch on left is trying to control power to a outside lite fixture but both white and black whites are always hot?? why

  • neil mcg

    It was wrong when I bought the house, now it is right. You rock!

  • GoldToy Box

    Ok, I think this is the diagram I want but just to be sure.  You’re showing two lights …. I have six lights.  Just keep extending the tap to the additional lights.

    • Dave


  • Brett Copson

    I am wiring my staircase there are 3 switches two lights one at the bottom and one at the top how do I wire it can you help me please ?

  • Alan

    I have a sourse to 1st 3-way switch, then 3 lights and finally another 3-way switch.  The problem:  I have a 14-3 wire running from the 1st switch, to each light and to final switch.  Anyway to make this happen?

    • Dave

      No you would need a 4 wire running between the two 3 way switches in this type of circuit.if you only had one lite in between the two 3 ways it would be possible,but with more than one you need a forth wire.

  • Dave

    you need a 4 way (3 switches) diagram
    here is one on this site

    not sure what you really have but did you look at this diagram, sounds like what you need from your discribtion

  • black wire from ceiling light is hot how do i connect to switch with out breaker tripping

  • Doughuntinc

    why do I have a 50 amp bleed through

  • noor

    1) anyone with some help, schematic diagram for 2lights (in parallel) controlled by 2 ( 3 way switch) power avialable at second light fixture….

    2) same thing.. only power available at second switch..

  • Manster

    I have power to the bottom of the stairs 3-way switch, 14/3 to the top of the stairs 3-way switch. The light is run off the top of the stairs switch. How would you wire another light to the bottom of the stairs switch to stay in sync – can’t get it done…

  • kannan

    how to wiring in one light control 3 way 3switch….? please give me diagram also….


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