Wiring Projects

How to Wire or Repair an Extension Cord

For various reasons, extension cords can become damaged. Maybe you accidentally rolled the electric lawnmower over it causing some major damage, or maybe you drove over it with the car causing only slight damage like a nick in the outer insulation.

If the rest of cord is in good condition (other than this new damage), here’s the options for repair:

Replacing a Pool Light From the Pool Deck

Replacing your lamp in your pool light fixture is something that can easily be done by the average home / pool owner as long as you have a skill set that includes the use of hand tools (screwdriver), and that you take all the necessary safety precautions prior to tackling the project (like ensuring that the power is off).

Installing Under Cabinet Lighting

Brighten a dark kitchen with under cabinet lighting. Complete instructions including a detailed article, pictures, wiring diagrams and helpful video will simplify this DIY wiring project.

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