Wiring Projects

How to Install an In-Use Weatherproof Receptacle Cover

Recent changes to the electrical code has required that any receptacles installed in wet locations must be protected with an in-use weatherproof receptacle cover and enclosure. The video covers the replacement of an older style weatherproof receptacle cover with the new in-use weatherproof receptacle cover.

Costa Rican Electrical

This article features some examples of some of the more extreme wiring scenarios we found in Costa Rica. Some situations were downright dangerous, while others were a source of amusement.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Light Troubleshooting

What is Christmas without Christmas lights? If you take a drive around most neighborhoods this time of year you will see light displays that range from the minimal to the mind blowing. However, after putting in all of the effort for just the perfect display, some of you may have experienced the frustration of discovering a string of lights that suddenly quits working. In this article, I discuss some of the reasons for this to occur, and how you troubleshoot the problem.

Electrical Online

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