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Video: How to Wire a Switch Part Two Installing the Cables Into the Box

This is part two of a 7-part video series on how to wire a switch:  from rough-in to finishing.  Part one covered the proper method for stripping cable.  In part two of this series, I explain and demonstrate how, once the cables are stripped, I don’t install them into the box in just any order, particularly for a multi-gang switch box.  Taking the time to organize the cable positions in the box in a way that makes perfect sense both helps in the splicing process, and when you go to install the devices at the finishing stage.  Watch how this simple tip can save you time and simplify the rest of the process down the road!

The next step of this 7-part series covering how to wire a switch: from rough-in to finishing, will focus on the proper method for grounding connections.  Click here to view.

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