Video: How To Wire a Switch Part One How to Strip Cable

This 7-part video series demonstrates all the steps for how to wire a switch: from rough-in to finishing. The first video in the series explains how to properly strip cable.


This is a 7-part video series that demonstrates how to wire a switch: from rough-in to finishing.  In this series, I explain the proper steps for wiring a two-gang switch.  Be sure to watch the introduction video first, and then follow along with the next seven videos in order.  If it’s only certain aspects of the process you are interested in learning, pick the appropriate video.  You’ll learn helpful tips and wiring methods in them all so watching the series in their entirety is recommended.

The steps to wiring a switch are laid out as follows:

1.  The Proper Method for Stripping Wire
2.  How to Install Cables Into the Box
3.  Proper Method for Grounding Connections
4.  How to Splice the Neutral Conductors
5.  How to Splice and Pigtail the Hot Conductors
6.  Proper Method for Installing Switches
7.  Installing the Faceplate

The first video in this post introduces you to the project, and the second video launches into part one of how to wire a switch – the proper method for stripping cable.


The Proper Method for Stripping Cable:

All professional electricians will have their own preferred method of stripping cable, and there is no right or wrong way to get this part of the job done.  In part one, I demonstrate the method that works best for me.  The main thing is not to damage the inside conductors or the insulation on them.  Proper tools (like a sharp knife) and safe work practices are emphasized here.

The second video in this 7-part series will explain and demonstrate how to install cables into the box.  Click here to view.


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