Video: A Look Into the Internet Electrician’s Toolbag

Ever wondered what tools an electrical contractor personally uses on the job? Here's your chance for a look into the Internet Electrician's toolbag - what I use on the job, what I recommend for the DIYer, and suggestions for the proper care and maintenance of those tools.


In this video, I share the contents of my own personal toolbag.  I identify the tools I recommend and personally use when I work on a home electrical project.  In addition, I make suggestions on the “proper care and handling” of DIY tools, with the mindset of preventative care and maintenance.

These were the tools I used on the job as an electrical contractor before I sold my business, and what I use now when I do any wiring jobs around the home or for a video shoot.  Some have definitely “paid their dues”, and reflect the years of service they put in on the job.

In an upcoming series, I plan on reviewing the best “tools for the job” in much greater detail.  We’ll take a look at individual tools, identify their applications in the home electrical process, and shed a little insight on how to purchase the best tools.  You might be surprised to find that price is not always an indicator of value!

Remember – Safety First!

Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician

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