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How to Wrap an Extension Cord

Best Way to Wrap an Extension Cord

In this article and supplementary video I share what I consider to be the best way to wrap an extension cord.  It all starts with a scenario that may be very familiar to you.  You need a long extension cord to use an electric tool like a lawnmower or a hedge trimmer, and find that the cord is a mess. All twisted and full of knots!

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Voltage Testers

Voltage testers are used to determine if there is power to a circuit or device. Learn why you should use a voltage tester, which type to choose and how to use them.

Common Cable and Wire

Confused as to which type and size of wire you need to use in your home wiring project? This article discusses the types and uses of common wire and cable used in most homes what you will need to know when selecting cable and wire.

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