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Material Takeoff Assistant


Information for Electricians with hundreds of help files including symbol files, electrical theory, calculations, code information, and links to electrical websites, plus hundreds of other features!

This compilation of files has information for the U.S.A and Canada, the U.K. and India

Files on CD

All these valuable files can be used by electricians and estimators, and for the DIYer that wants to learn more about all things electrical.

CD Contains the following:

  • Formula files
  • Electrical symbol files
  • Electrical diagrams
  • Links to electrical websites
  • Blank form for transformer connections
  • Page of graph paper (Print out page 1 only)
  • Abbreviations file
  • Help files (To assist and explain methods)
  • Legend file (Continues after graph sheet)
  • Box fill file
  • Read me file (For assistance)
  • Miscellaneous electrical files.
  • Blank MTO spreadsheet (For residential material takeoff)
  • Blank MTO Spreadsheet (Summary)
  • Blank MTO Specials (Summary)
  • Viewer Folder containing MS viewers for those w/o MS Office. For printing & viewing only

Note:  If you do not have MS Office 2000 or later, you may obtain free clones from the internet

  • Other folders on the CD are for the UK and India. (Could be useful to USA Engineers)
  • All files are MS Word, Excel and or Powerpoint.

The CD is not an estimating program but an electrician’s helper and (MTO) assistant for residential

  • Electrical material takeoff.
  • Electrical estimating training and support are available by e-mailing the author of the CD.
  • The CD also contains a great link to an educational website (Lots of books for sale)
  • Lots of useful files to help an Electrical Contractor with day to day operations.

Individually these files and programs would be worth literally thousands of dollars!

They can be yours as a package now, for the low, low price of only $24.99!!! (plus $5 shipping)

Order yours today!


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