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Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician, has developed a number of instructional DVDs and e-books covering a variety of home wiring projects.  Don’t struggle with a home electrical project – these helpful guides and visual tutorials will have you completing your project safely and competently!

The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

The Basics of Household Wiring – Extended Edition is a detailed training program, designed to teach you electrical wiring procedures in a clear, effective way.  This DVD is the only electrical wiring tutorial of its kind that takes challenging electrical wiring situations and makes them easy for the common man to understand.

Over 128 minutes of detailed instruction.   You can finally finish your electrical projects with ease!

The Basics of Household Wiring E-Book

This is an excellent resource. It provides a complete breakdown of the basics of electricity, with step-by-step instructions and examples of wiring electrical outlets, switches and light fixtures in the home, plus much more.

I recommend it as a good reference for anyone wanting to safely tackle any home wiring project. This is a ‘must have’ for your home wiring toolkit.

NOW ON SALE – Regularly $29.99 – now available for only $19.99!



Electrical Information CD

Information for Electricians with hundreds of help files including symbol files, electrical theory, calculations, code information, and links to electrical websites, plus hundreds of other features!

All these valuable files can be used by electricians and estimators, and for the DIYer that wants to learn more about all things electrical.

$24.99 plus shipping

Build Your OWN Hot Tub or Spa!

Learn how to build your own hot tub, spa or swim spa yourself with the number one best selling hot tub building book and video dvd written by an industry recognized expert.   See how our proven hot tub building methods can save you thousands of dollars on your costs, guaranteed!

Custom Built Spas can show you how to save UP TO 80% on a beautiful custom hot tub of your very own!  Manuals, CDs and Videos providing detailed, step-by-step instruction are included.

Different package choices available – click ‘add to cart‘ to view options.

Custom Wiring Diagram

Tired of puzzling over a wiring configuration for a project you’re working on? Would a professionally produced, detailed and ready to go diagram outlining wiring steps, wire colors and wire size assist you?

I can prepare a custom diagram for a charge of $19.99


Using a Digital Multi Meter E-Book

The latest in my series of ‘Internet Electrician’ E-Books covers the use of a digital multi meter.

This is one of those ‘tried and true’ tools of the trade that electricians can’t imagine doing their job without.


Wiring a Range E-Book

Have you purchased a brand new stove or are replacing your older stove- and now need to wire it? I can help!

My E-book, ‘Wiring a Range’, will guide you step-by-step through this project.


Wiring a Hot Tub E-Book

You’re thinking about purchasing a hot tub, and want to save money on the installation. Not sure how or where to begin?

You CAN do this home electrical project yourself – with a little guidance from an expert.

NOW ON SALE – Regularly $29.99 – now available for only $19.99!


Wiring a Basement – Rough In E-Book

“This can be one of the more complex do-it-yourself projects, but with a little guidance and the right amount of proper pre-planning, you can easily tackle the job”.

NOW ON SALE – Regularly $29.99 – now available for only $19.99!


The Basics of of Household Wiring DVD & Digital Multimeter E-Book

Terrific savings!  Purchase “The Basics of Household Wiring” DVD and add the “Using a Digital Multi Meter” e-book to your order.

A $30 value for only $25.99!


Wiring a Bathroom GFCI E-Book

Are you unable to plug your rechargeable electric razor or electric toothbrush into the razor only outlet in your bathroom?

This frustrating situation is easily resolved by replacing your older receptacle with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).



The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

"If you're looking for a good reference to help you understand simple home wiring, I personally recommend 'The Basics of Household Wiring' DVD".

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