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How to Wire and Install a Ceiling Fan

Wiring and installing a ceiling fan can be one of the more daunting home wiring tasks.  Aside from the wiring component of the task, assembling the multitude of parts and components that are part of the typical fan package can be downright frustrating.  Recognizing this, ceiling fan manufacturers are starting to develop simpler fans that come partially pre-assembled right out of the box.  Brilliant!

In this video, I demonstrate the wiring and installation of a Hunter Five Minute Fan.  While I found the job extended beyond the five minute mark, there were definite benefits to this new design that simplified the process.


Overall impression?  Great improvement to a traditionally tedious home wiring project.  If you’re looking to find a quality ceiling fan that installs easily, the Hunter Five Minute Fan is an excellent choice for the DIYer.

These and other great fans are available for purchase safely and securely through Amazon.  A few options are shown below:

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