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Before undertaking a home electrical repair or wiring project, make sure you have the correct wiring supplies at hand. This section explains the different varieties of electrical wiring supplies, how to choose the appropriate type for your home electrical wiring project, and how to use them.

Rack-a-Tiers offers many innovative products for the professional electrician or for the home electrical DIYer. The company was started by two electricians with a vision for improving their...
A discussion of wire found within the home or residential electrical environment, how wire is measured and the composition of most wire. Continue reading →...
When stripping cables or wires, you need to use the proper tool for the job, like a good quality wire stripping tool (or a knife when working with larger conductors), and you must be careful...
Wire colors are not standardized and may vary from country to country. This article explains the differences between wire colors found in the U.S. and wire colors in England. Continue readi...
Confused as to which type and size of wire you need to use in your home wiring project? This article discusses the types and uses of common wire and cable used in most homes what you will n...

The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

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