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Circuit testers and meters are an inexpensive way to protect you from a shock when you are working on home wiring projects. Learn how to use a tester or meter and how to select the proper meter or tester.

    This informative video demonstrates how to use an electrical meter to troubleshoot a common wiring problem - identifying which wires to connect to a new fixture. Continue reading →...
    Here is a perfect example of a situation where a meter is an invaluable tool, and tips on how to use it. You removed a ceiling fixture to replace it with a new one, and in the process you t...
    Testing a circuit to make sure the power is off is a critical step in any DIY home electrical wiring project. Learn how simple voltage testers can be used to confirm this. Continue readin...
    Voltage testers are used to determine if there is power to a circuit or device. Learn why you should use a voltage tester, which type to choose and how to use them. Continue reading &rarr...

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