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Home lighting projects for the home, including step-by-step instructions, wiring diagrams and pictures. Learn about the different types of lighting available on the market, and how to select the best lighting choice for your home.

Christmas Lights
Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful holiday light display. However, with all the sparkling lights, lighted inflatables, and other temporary electrical installations that are part of the...
This video covers the installation of an LED tape light system of under cabinet lighting using LED strip lights and an electronic dimmable driver From Magnititude Lighting Converters. Contin...
Brighten a dark kitchen with under cabinet lighting. Complete instructions including a detailed article, pictures, wiring diagrams and helpful video will simplify this DIY wiring project. C...
Are you renovating your home and want to create that perfect space? Read about the latest electrical and lighting trends for 2011, including innovative energy efficient options. Continue re...
Do you have a special picture in your home that you would love to draw attention to? The use of accent lighting is a great way to accentuate any artwork or other decorative item that you wo...
Kitchen Lighting
Lighting in the home is typically something we take for granted until we find ourselves struggling to do a task, like following a recipe in a book or reading a magazine. In order to ensure t...
Learn how home lighting automation systems can control the type and quality of lighting, can be used to set mood and light themes, and are effective home security options. Continue reading...
Types of Lighting
Learn about ambient, task and accent lighting and how to use them effectively in your home. Continue reading →...

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