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Home electrical wiring can be confusing for the DIY-er. These posts offer answers to common home electrical wiring questions.

    motor nameplate data 120 240
    Learn the key factors that will help you determine whether you select 120 or 240 volts for a motor connection. Continue reading →...
    NEMA 6-15R configuration
    Learn the proper procedure for changing an outlet or receptacle from 120V to 240V. Continue reading →...
    Meter Reading 200+ Volts
    A discussion on encounters with stray and induced voltage including the electrical theory behind it and potential health and safety concerns. Continue reading →...
    Answers to a question regarding the installation of an outdoor lamp post; more specifically, whether it would be necessary to install and wire an electrical box along with the lamp post. C...
    How to Add a Receptacle to an Existing Circuit 1
    Want to add a receptacle or outlet to an existing circuit? Depending upon the wiring configuration of the existing circuit, this can often be accomplished easily by a competent DIYer. Conti...
    Kitchen Split Receptacle Circuits
    What exactly is a kitchen split receptacle circuit? A detailed article, video and wiring diagram explains this common wiring scenario. Continue reading →...
    Light Fixture Wiring Problems
    You replaced a light fixture and now it doesn't work - you've got a light fixture wiring problem! Here's how to solve it. Continue reading →...
    touch lamp diagram original
    I received a question from a reader regarding replacing a touch lamp control module. She was reluctant to hook it up without getting confirmation on the correct wiring scheme as the colors o...

    The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

    "If you're looking for a good reference to help you understand simple home wiring, I personally recommend 'The Basics of Household Wiring' DVD".

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