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Lighting in your home is for ambiance, aesthetics, tasks, and just seeing better in your home space. Decisions for home lighting selection must take into consideration a number of factors. This section focuses on tips to improve the lighting in your home, how to make wise home lighting choices, and how to install your home lighting fixtures including ceiling fans.

How to Wire LED Patio Lights
In this article and supplementary video, I demonstrate how to add outdoor patio lighting using LED tape lights.   In the example of this specific project, adding LED tape lights to the pati...
This video covers the installation of an LED tape light system of under cabinet lighting using LED strip lights and an electronic dimmable driver From Magnititude Lighting Converters. Contin...
Wiring the keyless ceiling light fixture or lamp holder is a common DIY home wiring task. In this video, I demonstrate the steps to installing and wiring the common "plastic (or sometimes po...
Ceiling Fan
Wiring and installing a ceiling fan can be one of the more daunting home wiring tasks. This video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to installing the new pre-assembled ceiling fans ava...
Kitchen Lighting
Lighting in the home is typically something we take for granted until we find ourselves struggling to do a task, like following a recipe in a book or reading a magazine. In order to ensure t...
Learn about LCD lighting or liquid crystal display lighting in this informative article. See where Liquid crystal display, or LCD lighting is used widely and why. Continue reading →...
halogen lighting
Learn about halogen lighting and its use in the home. Halogen lighting has advantages and disadvantages. This article helps you decide if halogen lighting is appropriate for you. Continue ...
This article provides a step-by-step guide to installing a ceiling fan. Follow these guidelines and you will learn how to easily install a ceiling fan. Continue reading →...

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