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» Creating a Wire Diagram

In your home electrical projects, it is very important to use wiring diagrams. They can assist you by providing a road map for planning and completing your home electrical wiring projects, saving you both time, money, and frustration. These videos will review the process of creating a wiring diagram, and how to understand the wiring diagram.

    A house wiring diagram is usually provided within a set of design blueprints, and it shows the location of electrical outlets (receptacles, switches, light outlets, appliances), but is usual...
    Grounding is of the utmost importance, and every outlet and all the cables must have the grounding or earthing system present and connected properly. Continue reading →...
    Planning a circuit in your home requires examining some basic rules regarding the number of lights permitted on a circuit, and recommendations for mounting boxes, receptacles and switches. C...

    The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

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