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Wiring a Hot Tub E-Book

Are You Considering Purchasing
a Hot Tub, and Want to Save Some $$$$
By Wiring it Yourself?

With The Guidance Of A Professional Electrician You Can Learn the Steps to Wiring Your OWN Hot Tub – Safely and Competently!

Internet Electrician E-Book Project Series:
Wiring a Hot Tub

This is not a simple home wiring project, but one that requires much pre-planning, careful adherence to all safety guidelines, diligent code compliance, and a well thought out plan.

Recognizing that many DIY’ers were attempting this project, I wanted to ensure that they had access to the professional guidance needed in order to complete this advanced project safely and competently.

In response to the demand for this information, I have developed a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to walk you through the wiring of a hot tub.

I take my 25+ years of experience as a professional electrical contractor, and share the information you need to complete the job right.

The downloadable e-book – ‘Wiring a Hot Tub’ contains complete, easy to follow instructions, including 66 color photographs, guidelines, safety MUSTS, tips from the ‘pros’ and more.

The e-book is PACKED with information, including:

• Factors to consider before purchasing your hot tub

• Minimum electrical requirements

• Examining your electrical service

• Safety precautions

• Code compliance

• Tools for the job

• Materials list

• The importance of a GFCI and how it protects you

• Step-by-step instructions for installing a typical hot tub

• The electrical inspection process – preparing for the electrical inspector

• Special tips from the Internet Electrician

Don’t event THINK about attempting this complex project without the information provided to you in this valuable e-book!


You can download the product immediately and use it on any Windows PC, Apple Mac or other computer supporting Adobe PDF file format.

NOW ON SALE – Only $19.99 U.S.


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