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Wiring a Basement – The Rough-In Stage

Internet Electrician E-Book Project Series:

Wiring Your Basement – The Rough-in Stage

“This can be one of the more complex do-it-yourself projects, but with a little guidance and the right amount of proper pre-planning, you can easily tackle the job”.

– Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician

Are You Planning on Developing Your Basement?

This Step-By-Step Basement Wiring Guide Will Save You Time, Money and Hours of Frustration!

Topics included in this informative guide:

1.  Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you begin the project.

– Asking these KEY questions at the start of the project can save you time, money and frustration!

2.  Planning – the most important step you will take.   How well you prepare will impact your entire project. The e-book includes:

• Minimum requirements for your project
• How comprehensive does your plan need to be?
• Do you need a blueprint?
• Local authorities you MUST take into consideration
• Planning considerations that you might not be aware of

3.  Factors to consider when marking your outlets.   Different rooms have their own unique requirements that you must follow.

• Code considerations
• Telephone, television, cable and satellite consideration
• When you require 3-way and 4-way switches
• Planning for appliances, electronics and furniture
• Outlet height
• GFCI ‘Smart Lock’ requirements
• Mechanical room requirements

4.  Mounting the boxes.

• Box selection – recommended types and why
• Installation techniques

5.  Planning the circuits and drilling the holes.

• Wire type and size
• Code requirements
• Electrical authority guidelines

6.  Pulling in the wire.

• Tips and techniques to make the job easier
• Code and other considerations you must be aware of

7.  Securing and cutting in the cables.

• Code requirements
• Why you must strap your cables
• Recommended tools for the project

8.  Cutting the cables into the panel.

• When you can/can’t do this yourself
• What to look for in your panel
• How to work on your panel SAFELY

9.  Tools and material lists.

The e-book is loaded with step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams, photos and tips from the Internet Electrician.

It will save you time, money, and simplify a challenging project.


You can download the product immediately and use it on any Windows PC, Apple Mac or other computer supporting Adobe PDF file format.

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