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Using a Digital Multi Meter E-Book

Internet Electrician E-Book Project Series:

Using a Digital Multi Meter

“The latest in my series of ‘Internet Electrician’ E-Books covers the use of a digital multi meter (DMM).  This is one of those ‘tried and true’ tools of the trade that electricians can’t imagine doing their job without”.

Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician

There is good reason for this – the digital multi meter is an extremely useful tool, and performs more functions than just indicating the presence of voltage in a circuit.

This handy tool:

• measures voltage;
• identifies both AC or DC voltage;
• checks for circuit continuity;
• can be used to measure the current flowing in a circuit.

The problem? It can be somewhat overwhelming trying to figure out how to operate it, and more importantly, how to interpret the readings.

I’ve had numerous requests from people asking for help with understanding how to correctly use this tool.  That’s why I’ve developed this e-book.

Using an affordable digital multi meter, the e-book goes into step-by-step details on:

• how to test for voltage;
• testing for continuity, and
• measuring current flow in a circuit.

With detailed instructions and helpful visuals, the e-book simplifies the use of this invaluable tool.


You can download the product immediately and use it on any Windows PC, Apple Mac or other computer supporting Adobe PDF file format.

Download Your Copy for only $9.99 U.S.


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