Category: Wiring Projects

Wiring Projects

Solar Pool Heating

Learn how environmentally sound solar pool heating systems will save you money and heat your pool effortlessly.

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Switches & Receptacles

How to Wire an RV Receptacle

Step-by-step video and full article guides you through the installation of a dedicated, 30A, 125V R.V. receptacle so that you may have the luxury of being able to provide power to your stored RV.

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How To Replace a Plastic Pull Chain Light Fixture

Learn the steps to replacing a simple plastic pull chain light fixture or lamp holder. In this informative video, the Internet Electrician demonstrates the removal of a faulty pull chain lamp holder, and replaces it with a new light fixture.

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Ceiling Fan
Wiring Projects

How to Wire and Install a Ceiling Fan

Wiring and installing a ceiling fan can be one of the more daunting home wiring tasks. This video tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to installing the new pre-assembled ceiling fans available on the market.

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