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Overloaded Circuits in an Older Home

Overloaded circuits in an older home can be an issue and is not uncommon with today’s demands for power. This article explores options for solving overloaded circuits in an older home.

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New Electric Heater Blew the Fuse

If a new electric heater flew the fuse or a breaker trips, this is the sign of an overloaded circuit. This article will show you how to identify the reason for a tripped breaker, how a GFCI works, and how to reset a breaker.

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Subpanel Installation

In this article, we guide you through the installation of a subpanel (or pony panel as it is sometimes referred to) in a house. The detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures will simplify this more complex project.

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Replacing a Breaker in Your Panel

Replace a breaker in your panel safely and easily by following the step-by-step instructions and pictures provided in this article, and learn the important role of circuit breakers.

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