3-Way Switch Wiring Diagram Variation #5

This diagram shows how to wire a 3-way switch circuit when you have power coming in to the first switch, then a 3-wire to the light, then a 3-wire from the light to the second switch.


Power to Switch Box #1, Switch Box #1 to Light, Light to Switch Box #2

In the following diagram, we show power entering switch #1, from switch #1 to the light, and from the light to switch #2.

In this case, you will need a 3-wire from switch #1 to the light, and the light to switch #2.

NOTE:  This diagram is a thumbnail.  To view it in full size – click on the diagram.

Watch a Video Explaining 3-Way Switches

Confused by the 3-way switch?  Terry Peterman, the ‘Internet Electrician’ provides a visual explanation of 3-way switches in this short, informative video.  Click here to view.

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