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Wiring a Basic Light Switch

Power Into Switch –  Out to Light

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  • blagoj

    hi i am eletrician from macedonia and i do the same job like you.
    the wiring is the same but i work with 220v

  • Paul Martin

    Curious it’s so difficult to get the wires wrapped around the screws on a light switches Is there another way like push the wire through the space on the back of the switch and tighten down on the wire. I was told that how it should be done

  • Ed

    I have power going to a light then a switch. Can I run a wire from that switch to another light and how do I do it?

  • joseph koroma

    Hi i would like more information on electrical installation, please send it in my box

  • Farcomcablespvtltd

    thank you for giving the information in diagrammatic form..its easy and i gone through this process by keeping this switch

  • Geomarc13

    Nice illustration of basic light switch.
    Electricians Melbourne

  • Dave

    i am moving a light switch and need help

  • Jaz 16

    Trying to hook up an outside light that hasn’t been hooked up for some time. Inside the box that holds the light there are two white wires that are capped separately, two black wires that are entwined and capped together. Then there’s a couple ground wires both seem to be coming from the top and only one is capped. The house had some rewiring done some time ago but outdoor light hasn’t worked since. The switch has a black wire and a white wire attached to it and the wire appears to be running up the wall toward the light fixture. When we hooked up the light as per manufacturer directions we added the light’s black wire to the other two black wires in the box and attached the white wire from the light to the white wire coming from the top of the fixture box and left the other white wire capped. The light came on but the switch did not turn it off. We tried attaching both the white wires from the house to the white wire of the lamp but as soon as we turned on the switch the fuse popped off. I will appreciate any advice you might be able to offer.

  • Ctmsscience

    Thank you for the very easy to follow tips. Helped me out with some basic wiring problems I had.



  • Lrbeckett

    BIG L
    Trying to wire up three seperate light switchs with one hot wire coming into box.

  • sandy

    i have a junction box that includes the following: cieling light fixture, switch for the same and outlet. is there a diagram for this?

  • cresh

    I want to install a ceiling fan/ light using the existing switch that controls a table lamp.How would i wire it so the switch doesnt activate both ceiling fan and table lamp?

  • joe

    Installing a celing fan and wanting to pull power from another switch box.any instructions to do so?


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