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Video: Common Electrical Outlet Problems

Have you ever plugged a cord into an electrical outlet that feels soft or spongy?  Have you ever noticed a green, greasy film leaking out of electrical outlets or receptacles?  Should you be concerned about any of these conditions?  In this informative video clip, Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician, discusses common problems with electrical outlets and how to resolve them.

This video is a short, but informative video clip from a national television show that I appeared in several years ago. I served as the electrical expert, answered live calls from people across the country, and provided educational tips and home electrical wiring advice targeted towards the DIY audience.

Remember – safety first!

– Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician

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  • Sanford Michael

    Nice Video! The best solution for this problem is replacing the outlet with the new one. However, sometimes people also face this problem because of the plug of the appliance. Therefore, before replacing your outlet, it will be better for you to test it first. First, you should switch off the circuit that power this outlet. Then, unplug the existing appliance and try to find other appliances to be plugged into the outlet. If you find the plug so loose or even falls out, the problem is really in your outlet. Replace it immediately.


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