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Simple Diagram of a Generator Transfer Switch

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  • Waqas Awan

    I really glad to c ur website. ur Organization is doing excellent job.
    i hv to make an ATS for my final year project.So i need ur help please plz plz.

  • Fakhri Zaada

    how to make daigram from one generator to sex buildings

    • Anonymous

      Yup, I think he meant six! You first need to determine your essential needs, then size the generator and transfer switch scenario appropriately. It’s always most desirable to have everything on back-up, but that requires a large generator and can be cost prohibitive.

  • Fakhri Zaada

    how i do make a daigram for sevesn building from one generator

  • johnny

     i want to the connection of transfer switch

    • Kibille Stanleykirwa

      its just simple, just understand wiring diagrams,operations and materials used.iee regulations is also important.

  • Mike Gail

    Very basic but clear. Good job.

  • amboy

    is the generator automatically turns on whenever the ATS

    transfer the supply from AC supply to DC?


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