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How Do I Convert 220 Volts to 110 Volts

Converting 220 volts to 110 volts is possible.  You can convert 220 volts to 110 volts by either using an adapter plug or removing the existing 220 receptacle from the outlet box.

Q: I would like to know if I can convert 220 volts to 110 volts without using a step down transformer?

A: Short answer is: “yes”, you can do this without a step down transformer.

To give you a specific answer I would have to know the exact application and the specific situation.  However, the most common example would be replacing an electric range or dryer to a natural gas unit that now only requires 120V power.

Option 1:

You can purchase an adapter plug that inserts in to the existing 125/250V outlet and converts it to a 15A 120V regular outlet complete with overload protection in the form of a pop-up breaker, or a simple fuse.

Option 2:

Another option is to remove the existing 30 or 50A, 125 / 250 Volt receptacle from the outlet box.  Always verify that the breaker is off before removing.

In this example, you have some choices.

– Run a 2-wire cable to a new outlet box where you would install a new 15A 125V receptacle.

– In the existing outlet box you would splice your bare ground wires together, splice the white wires together, and the black wire from the new 2-wire to one of the existing hot wires (red or black).

– Tape off or cap off the other unused hot wire with a wire nut.

– Install a blank cover plate on the existing range or dryer outlet box.

– In the main service panel, shut off the main breaker (after arranging for an alternate light source of course), remove the existing 2-pole larger amperage breaker, and install a single pole 15A breaker in it’s place.

– Use a panel filler insert to plug the vacant hole in the panel cover.  You would then cap off the unused hot wire with a wire nut or tape, and connect the other hot wire to the new 15A single pole breaker.

It is very important to consider the amperage as well as the voltage of any receptacle or connected equipment before making any changes.  You can use larger wire than what is required for a circuit (i.e. 15A breaker feeding #8 AWG wire) but never a larger breaker than the rating of the wire (i.e. 50A breaker feeding #14 gauge wire).

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  • james

    where can i purchase the plug in adapter described in the above “Option One”, that will change the 220 volt electric range receptical to 110 volts

    • admin

      Check the electrical section of a Home Improvement store such as Lowes, or Home Depot.

  • branden

    i have a fuse box and and a 220 dryer. i have a 110 outlet by the dryer. how would i hook up the dryer? Can i convert the 110 to 220 for the dryer?

  • TJ Morrissey

    I was actually thinking of doing this. I had an electric dryer that was fed with 10/2 w/grnd to a 30A receptacle. I am replacing it with a gas dryer.

    I was planning on just
    1- remove the double 30A and put in a 15A
    2- Use just the black at a hot
    3- place the white to the neutral bar
    and grd to grnd bar.

    ON the receptacle end, just wire up a standard 15A outlet using the black and white and grounding using the bare copper to the grnd screw on the new outlet.

    This way I keep the same box and same wire. Just change out the outlet, breaker and unhook the white just like any other normal 15A circuit>
    Is this ok?

  • Will

    I live in the Philippines where we have 220v. Would I save money if I convert my household to 110v? All of my appliances are dual voltage so they can handle 110v.

  • Pdkontz

    i need to connect a 220v electric hot water tank to a 110 house.can i do this if i run a seperate breaker for it,or is there something else i need to do? The water tank that was in the mobile home was a lowboy 20 gal 110v, this one is a 30 gal tallboy 220v.thanks

    • Terry

      If your supply to the mobile home is only 110V, then no, you can’t connect this 220V water heater.

      • Spudly

        Cant you run another 110 hot wire from the panel to make 220?

  • Montmg

    I have a 220 single toggle breaker.
    Can I disconnect the red wire at both ends and only use the black wire and leave the existing breaker in place? 

    • Terry

      No, because the amperage of the existing breaker is likely 30A. You must feed the circuit with a breaker sized to the smallest guage wire, now a #14AWG, 15A.

  • Montmg

    I have a 220 single toggle breaker.
    Can I disconnect the red wire at both ends and only use the black wire and leave the existing breaker in place? 

  • Tscheck1

    if my air compressor says its wired for 240 v can it run on 120v?

  • Latchpod

    Where can that adapter plug be purchased?

  • bto

    How can i convert 220 v n 110v?

  • steve

    what is the wiring diagram to wire a receptecal that has the light switch and a hot receptecal.I am changing from a pull chain socket to a wall switch but I also need the hot receptecal to plug hair dryer.Thank you

  • I have 30 a amp 220V breaker on my house that feeds a deep well pump. I would like to pig-tail an additional 30 amp 120V Rv connector off of that circuit. Is that possible?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Mike

    While in Germany my son bought a television, 220 with the 2 round prongs. Is there an easy way to convert it for use in the states without a converter.

  • dougal

    a yellow transformer 220 to 110 if wired back wards will work also

  • lil317

    will my electric stove still work if i use an adapter to fit its 30 amp cord and convert it to a 15 amp male to fit the current outlet?

  • brooke

    I have a 240v plug that came with stove if I bought a 220v cord would stove still work thanks


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