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Common answers to all electrical wiring questions and electrical wiring projects you may have in the home. Detailed articles, step-by-step instruction, wiring diagrams and photos. Learn the essentials of home electrical wiring safety, common home electrical wiring projects like wiring a light switch and three and four way switches, how to replace a breaker in your panel, and how to troubleshoot common home electrical wiring problems in your home.

Installing Faceplate 2
Should a DIYer tackle their own home electrical repairs? This article presents six key questions that you must ask yourself before you consider attempting a home wiring project. Continue re...
Picture of the urinal receptacle
This article features some examples of some of the more extreme wiring scenarios we found in Costa Rica. Some situations were downright dangerous, while others were a source of amusement. C...
Bad Connection
In this article I talk about what it means to have a “broken neutral”, and the problems that this condition can cause. Continue reading →...
Christmas Lights
What is Christmas without Christmas lights? If you take a drive around most neighborhoods this time of year you will see light displays that range from the minimal to the mind blowing. Ho...
Converting a ceiling fan to remote control operation is simple with step-by-step instructions, wiring diagrams and video demonstration. Continue reading →...
Dryer doesn't work post breaker in correct
Learn the common wiring problem that can cause your electric clothes dryer to not heat up and how to easily resolve it. Article includes diagrams and helpful photos. Continue reading →...
Repair completed and extension cord ready to be tested
Considerations for proper selection of an extension cord and step-by-step instructions for repairing a damaged extension cord. Continue reading →...
Meter Reading 200+ Volts
A discussion on encounters with stray and induced voltage including the electrical theory behind it and potential health and safety concerns. Continue reading →...

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