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Learn how to do basic electrical repairs in your home, including how to install a dimmer switch, how to strip cable, how to understand 3 way switches and single pole switches and more in these free, informative online DIY videos.

Faulty Switch
Do you have a wall/light switch that is causing you some problems, or that you suspect might be faulty? Problems with a light switch is something most homeowners experience at one time or a...
Video 1
This 7-part video series demonstrates all the steps for how to wire a switch: from rough-in to finishing. The first video in the series explains how to properly strip cable. Continue readin...
Video 2
In part two of the 7-part series on how to wire a switch, I explain and demonstrate how to install the cables into a multi-gang box. The video focuses on steps that will both save time and ...
Video 3
Proper grounding (earthing, bonding) methods are critical to ensuring the integrity of your electrical system. In part three of my 7-part video series on how to wire a switch, I demonstrate...
Video 4
Making a proper splice is a basic skill that you must have in order to properly complete most tasks when it comes to electrical work. This video demonstrates proper methods for splicing the...
Splicing black
Part five of this 7-part video series on how to wire a switch: from rough-in to finishing, demonstrates the proper splicing and pigtailing the hot conductors for installation in a multi-gang...
Installing Switch
After the wallboard is on and the painting is done, it's time for the stage we call finishing. We'll install the wall switch and be ready for the finishing wall plate. Continue reading &rar...
Installing Faceplate 2
The final stage of the process of how to wire a switch is the installation of the faceplate. I'll show you one simple tip that will show others that you take pride in craftsmanship! Continu...

The Basics of Household Wiring DVD

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