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Detailed home electrical wiring diagrams for different home wiring projects, including 3-way switch wiring diagrams, 4-way switch wiring diagrams, light switch wiring diagrams, and wiring diagrams for indoor and outdoor wiring projects.

Learn how to understand the components of a home electrical wiring diagram and how to create your own wiring diagram.

A house wiring diagram is usually provided within a set of design blueprints, and it shows the location of electrical outlets (receptacles, switches, light outlets, appliances), but is usual...
Typical wiring method for receptacle termination using pig-tails
Grounding is of the utmost importance, and every outlet and all the cables must have the grounding or earthing system present and connected properly. Continue reading →...
GFCI, 2-switches, power in and out of bathroom typical
This post will help you to understand wiring diagrams, including how important it is to use wiring diagrams, all the proper terminology relating to electrical wiring diagrams, and how to fin...
This 3-way switch wiring diagram shows another method for wiring a three way switch circuit. Continue reading →...
This diagram shows how to wire a 3-way switch circuit when you have power coming in to the first switch, then a 3-wire to the light, then a 3-wire from the light to the second switch. Contin...
Power Into Light Box, and From Light Box to Switch #1 and Switch #2 The following diagram illustrates the power entering the light box, and from the light box to switch #1, and from the ligh...
How to wire a 230 volt, 2-speed pump with breaker and disconnect is illustrated in this wiring diagram. Continue reading →...

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