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3-Way Switch Wiring Diagram Variation #1

Power Into Light and From Switch to Switch

This wiring diagram illustrates the situation where the power comes into the light box first, and then on to switch #1, and switch #1 to switch #2.

This requires a 2-wire from the light to the first switch, and a 3-wire between switches.

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  • Chris Inch

    How is it that the bottom white-wire is part of both a 14/2 and a 14/3 wire?

    • Noone

      You use one of the switch boxes as a junction and tie he white wire together with a wire nut… The wire potential is the same, so it “can” be shown this way, but it would be more clear if it showed a junction point with a dot or some other symbol.

    • Nobody


  • Dougg

    this diagam is not correct please remove it!!!!! it is not a 3way switch!

    • Primedlt2

      Are you Canadian? This is what the US calls a 3-way. However, it’s not up to the NEC 2011 code. Most of the diagrams here aren’t.


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