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How to Replace a Pool Light
Learn how to replace a pool light safely and easily. Professional step-by-step instruction is provided in this informative video. Continue reading →...
Exposure to asbestos fibers can pose a real danger. Be aware of the hazards associated with this material, and follow safe practices to eliminate the possibility of exposure. Continue readi...
3-way switch wiring diagram variation #6: Multiple lights in the middle of two 3-way switches is shown in this detailed wiring diagram. Continue reading →...
This articles outline the steps involved in replacing a bath fan switch with an electronic timing device. A standard single pole switch will be replaced with an electronic timing switch for...
How to wire a 3-way switch that controls a light while keeping a duplex receptacle 'hot' is explained by Terry Peterman, the Internet Electrician. Continue reading →...
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Recent changes to the electrical code has required that any receptacles installed in wet locations must be protected with an in-use weatherproof receptacle cover and enclosure. The video co...
Picture of blender whole
Is there a fire hazard with leaving countertop appliances plugged in while not in use? With today's technology there may be a valid reason to unplug your countertop appliances to avoid any ...
Installing Faceplate 2
Should a DIYer tackle their own home electrical repairs? This article presents six key questions that you must ask yourself before you consider attempting a home wiring project. Continue re...
Picture of the urinal receptacle
This article features some examples of some of the more extreme wiring scenarios we found in Costa Rica. Some situations were downright dangerous, while others were a source of amusement. C...
Bad Connection
In this article I talk about what it means to have a “broken neutral”, and the problems that this condition can cause. Continue reading →...

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