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Not sure what you should do when you have an electrician or other professional at the house? Here's a little advice on what they need from you to do the job right and how you can have a bet...
Considering remodeling your home? Wondering which project will give you the best payoff and more bang for your buck? This article takes a look at some of the more cost efficient but effect...
Through the Doorway of a Bathroom
Are you renovating your home and want to create that perfect space? Read about the latest electrical and lighting trends for 2011, including innovative energy efficient options. Continue re...
Safety First
Simple home electrical repairs can be performed safely IF you follow safety practices for working around electricity. This article reviews key safety guidelines that will keep you safe! Con...
Accent Lighting
Do you have a special picture in your home that you would love to draw attention to? The use of accent lighting is a great way to accentuate any artwork or other decorative item that you wo...
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Bad Connection
In this article I talk about what it means to have a “broken neutral”, and the problems that this condition can cause. Continue reading →...
Staple Shark
If you’ve ever tried to remove a staple that is firmly embedded in place, then you know how difficult a task that can prove to be. Continue reading →...
Spa Light Fixture
In this post we will replace a faulty spa light fixture with a new one, covering all the steps necessary to accomplish this task. Continue reading →...
Just one of the many tools available from Rack-A-Tiers is one of the most important tools that an electrician or a DIY handyperson can own. It’s a wire-stripper and more, and it’s call...
Faulty Switch
Do you have a wall/light switch that is causing you some problems, or that you suspect might be faulty? Problems with a light switch is something most homeowners experience at one time or a...

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